‘Patiala Babes’ star Aniruddh Dave turns producer

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


It is his thirst for creativity which has led Aniruddh Dave to start his own production house. The actor, who has been seen in shows such as ‘Mera Naam Karegi Roshan’, ‘Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki’ and ‘Patiala Babes’, says that production has always been on his wish list. “Being a creative brain, I feel that when you get down to making something, your expectation as well as your creative vision expands. From the beginning, be it films or TV, I wanted to do production. I want to make something with a message, show my creativity in one way or the other. Apart from acting, when you have your own production house, you can write, direct and be associated with the other creative aspects of entertainment. So, keeping those aspects and dreams, vision in mind, I thought of starting my own production house. The name is P3 Entertainment,” he says.

The actor has started the company along with his brother. “It is all about team work. We have a good team of creative people. Nitin, my brother, has been handling shows as the creative director and is the creative producer of the company here. We both have started this and finally the projects are on floor and we are looking forward to making some good content on TV and OTT platform,” he says.

Talking about the kind of content they are focussing on, Aniruddh says, “We are making content for Tata Sky and Shemaroo TV, they are coming up with some good dramas and shows. Manohar kahaani is one of the oldest books. It is known for its thrillers. So, these are small stories out of that. They are amazing. Shemaroo has started a new programme called Adhbudh Kahaaniya. I am the producer of few stories in this. It’s an anthology of stories with different directors and different actors.”

The actor says that it was tough to get everything together during the pandemic, but they are making sure to be as safe as possible. “We have been trying since a while and it has finally happened now. Of course, it is tough to do all this specially now. All the workers have been insured for Covid-19. All the safety measures are being taken care of. In fact, the locations are properly sanitised. There is surveillance at all times. So, all the norms which the producer association have made are being followed. This is important as only then the shoot will go smoothly. We are not looking to make a profit immediately. It’s all about making good content. We don’t have a big budget but we are trying to make the best content from whatever we have. It is good that from the industry, a lot of actors, DOPs, friends and family are supporting us,” he says.

Aniruddh is looking forward to the amazing projects that they have on board. “We have already some outstanding concepts which we have pitched to top notch OTT platforms, we are working on that. We have a good team of creative writers as well. We have some concepts which will be shot in India and abroad. We will be going overseas. The concept is Lucknow se leke londan tak aur Bambai se leke Birmingham tak. These are stories of migrated NRIs. People are working on the stories and the content at the moment,” he says.