Parminder Nagra’s new crime series ‘DI Ray’ to air on ITV1 in May

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


‘Bend It Like Beckham’ star, Parminder Nagra will be seen in ITV1’s new four-part crime series ‘DI Ray’ starting in May.

Written by Maya Sondhi, of ‘Line of Duty’ fame, ‘DI Ray’, set in Birmingham, follows a police officer who takes on a case that forces her to confront a lifelong personal conflict between her British identity and her South Asian heritage.

Sondhi reunites with the creator of ‘Line of Duty’, Jed Mercurio, who has produced the show under his independent production company, HTM Television.

Talking about her character, Nagra said, “She’s definitely strong – she wouldn’t be able to do half the things she does, or get where she is in her career, without tenacity.

“I think she’s conflicted about her own identity and the piece raises a lot of questions about what happens in the workplace, and whether she’s hired for a case that’s culturally specific or if she’s hired because of her ability, that’s a constant question in her mind.

“But as a detective she’s just persistent and hard-working, she doesn’t stop.”

It also stars Gemma Whelan, Jamie Bamber and Maanuv Thiara.

‘DI Ray’ starts Monday 2nd May at 21:00 on ITV1.