Parineeti Chopra on preparing for Saina Nehwal biopic


It was first announced that Shraddha Kapoor would be taking on the role, however when it was Parineeti Chopra who has eventually ended up in the role. There was much speculation as to how this actress would take on her first biopic and playing Saina Nehwal. However, according to recent news, Chopra is taking this extremely serious and understands this is a role of a lifetime. Talking to the media, the actress expressed how much she is training and how important making this film is.

Filmfare report the actress expressing, “I’m actually quite excited to get into the character of Saina, get into the skin of a world champion because playing a fictional character might not have been as exciting as playing a real character. Here, I have somebody who has extensive documentation on exactly how she plays, who she played every match in her life. Every single moment that she has ever played badminton is on screen! So, to kind of imbibe that and to kind of learn that is really exciting for me as an actor. I wanted to do a sports biopic for a long time so this project is absolutely perfect.”

Talking about how she is training to become Nehwal, Chopra went on to add, “This project is absolutely perfect for me because I will have to be in this discipline for the next 9 months of my life and I am pretty kicked about it. I just hope that the entire sports community, Saina herself and everybody who has expectations from this film are finally happy about what we achieve. My prep usually starts at 5 am because we have taken up courts where we didn’t want any kind of distraction.”

“We start playing at 6am till 8am. Since I’m actually playing badminton to prepare myself, I have a great physio team and world class players with me to train me and condition me. Amol sir’s team has given me all the support… and I’m really happy but honestly it makes me really nervous. I have given myself at least 3- 4 months to completely learn the sport, the way I need to and only then I will go on set because I want to do justice to the film and to Saina. It’s a huge honour for me to play and live the life of one our country’s biggest sporting icon,” she went on to say.

If this is anything to go by, it looks like Chopra is pulling out all the stops to ensure this project is perfect. Not having had a standout hit in a long time, there have been whispers stating this may be Chopra’s biggest film.

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