Parineeti Chopra finds relationships fickle in Bollywood

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Parineeti Chopra
Parineeti Chopra

Despite only being a part of the Industry for three years, Parineeti Chopra is definitely on top of her game, and she has learnt a thing or two along the way.

Having been linked up to many of her co-stars as well as rumoured to be in alleged cat fights with others, Chopra expressed how she feels relationships turn fickle when you’re part of the film industry, and with so much pressure things tend to change. “Relationships in the film industry are fickle. Industry people are nice, but there�۪s so much pressure from audiences that everybody tends to become a bit insecure. Due to that, relationships and people change quickly,” Times of India reported the actress expressing in an interview.

She went onto add, “Everyone is there for you when you are at the top, but when you are a no one, you become a no one for them too (sic). I used to be very conscious of people around; that�۪s what I have unlearnt.”

Chopra was even reported to be in a dispute with cousin Priyanka Chopra, with news stating that with their other cousin Mannara setting on her debut, Chopra senior had abandoned the ‘Kill Dill’ (2014) actress for her young sibling. However in the same interview the actress (Parineeti) confirmed there was nothing of the sort, “We have laughed about it. I was at Mimi (her nickname for Priyanka) didi�۪s house a few days back, and I was like, ��You prefer Barbie (Mannara�۪s name before she changed it) over me,�۪ and she quipped, ��Yes, I have moved on.�۪ I don�۪t even need to say that there�۪s no issue. I know my relationship with her. She also told me, ��Now, you can do things on your own, but we have to be there for Barbie since she is still new.”

From the looks of things, this Chopra��has all the right things to survive in this industry.

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