Panjab Radio mourns the loss of senior presenter Chaman Lal Chaman Ji

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Digital station, Panjab Radio has expressed profound sadness at the loss of its senior presenter, Chaman Lal Chaman Ji.

In a moving tribute, Panjab Radio shared the news on its Facebook page with the following message:

“Panjab Radio is extremely shocked and deeply saddened to the learn of the passing of our senior presenter, and the pinnacle behind Panjab Radio, Chaman Lal Chaman Ji.

Chaman Lal Chaman Ji was not only a recognisable figure amongst Panjab Radio, but also a noted Panjabi poet, lyricist and a well known figure amongst the Panjabi culture. He was the writer of the popular Panjabi song ‘Saun Da Mahina’, sung by Jagjit Singh, as well as his lyrics has also been sung by noted Indian singers such as Asha Bosle.

Behind all this, Chaman Lal Chaman Ji was known as a father-figure amongst Panjab Radio, a genuine kind gentleman who will be thoroughly missed by our presenters and listeners.” extends its condolences to Chaman Ji’s family and friends.