Panjab Radio expands to Newcastle Upon Tyne & Gateshead on DAB

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


Panjab Radio has confirmed that it has launched across Newcastle Upon Tyne and Gateshead area in North East of England on DAB.

As of Monday 11th July, the station will simulcast its London output with a mixture of music, news and speech programming mainly in Panjabi and English.

The station aims to be inclusive to all people for whom Panjabi language or music is important, and has programmes with general appeal to Panjabi speakers of all faiths.

“Panjab Radio serves a unique audience,” said the station’s Managing Director, Surjit Singh Ghuman MBE. “This is once again the biggest step for Panjab Radio since its launch in 2000 and I believe the time is right again for us to start launching outside of London. We’re grateful to those who are supporting this initiative and to the thousands of individual listeners across UK”.

Richard Finch from the Newcastle/Gateshead multiplex operators Tyneside Community Digital said, “It’s great to have Panjab Radio to our mux. Week by week we are adding to the number of stations available on Tyneside. Extending the choice and diversity of what’s currently available on DAB is an important part of our role. I know this be a welcome addition by many listeners in Newcastle and Gateshead.”

Panjab Radio has been broadcasting for over 21 years and is currently available in London on 558AM, DAB and DTV.