Panjab Radio awarded 558AM frequency in Greater London

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


Panjab Radio has officially been awarded the 558AM frequency, giving it coverage in the Greater London region for the first time.

The station, which launched as a digital service back in 2000, has steadily increased in reach by launching on digital television first, followed by digital radio in local and regional markets. It then expanded to national digital radio, followed by a small analogue frequency in North London. However, today’s news puts Panjab Radio directly in competition with commercial Asian stations Sunrise Radio, Lyca Radio and Dilse Radio in London.

Panjab Radio will takeover the 558AM frequency from current broadcaster Love Sport. The latter will then move to Panjab Radio’s North London frequency 1584AM. Panjab Radio’s application for the frequency won huge support in an Ofcom consultation, which ran over the past few weeks.

Ofcom said, “Ofcom has today agreed to a request from the licence-holders of two London-based AM radio stations, Love Sport and Panjab Radio, to change their Formats. Love Sport will change its Format from a sports-focused speech service to a service targeting listeners in the Panjabi community, rebranding as Panjab Radio. The existing Panjab Radio will change its Format from a service aimed at the Panjabi community to a sports-focused speech service, which would see it rebrand as Love Sport. This means that a sports service would be available on AM in North London only, while Panjab service would become available on AM throughout Greater London.”

Expressing his happiness at the news, Surjit Singh Ghuman MBE, Managing Director of Panjab Radio said, “Addition of Panjab Radio on 558AM in Greater London will further extend our reach into completely new areas for our target audience. This also demonstrates our long-term commitment and belief in commercial radio which has never been so exciting – for both listeners and advertisers.

Since its launch 19 years ago, Panjab Radio has gone from strength-to-strength from DTV to DAB and will now be covering Greater London on an AM frequency, Panjab Radio has become a firm favourite amongst the Panjabi community.”

Panjab Radio is expected to begin broadcasting on 558AM this summer, after formalities with media regulator Ofcom have been completed.