Pallavi Sharda: “I never had a backup for my career”

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor



Pallavi Sharda will be seen next in ‘Begum Jaan’. The actress has a Bollywood career but is also busy doing other things. She says she’s never had a backup for what she is doing.

On whether she’s choosy about commercial films, Sharda told Asian Age, “I never had a backup for my career. I’ve made it on my own, so I have to be careful. I always go with the films that resonate with the people and me. I never go running after every single role that comes my way. I think I am choosy in a good way, and am very happy with the choices I have made. Last two years have been exceptional for me and this year too will be good”.

On ‘Begum Jaan’, she reveals, “It is a very different film. It is a remake of Rajkahini but it is not right to compare the two. It is a story of human triumph. The film uplifts and celebrates the human spirit. It is a provoking story of wonderful women. Vidya is so amazing that I am in awe of her. She radiates warmth and generosity. I love her.”

Sharda’s film ‘Lion’ has been creating waves at film festivals.