Pallavi Sharda: “Consider myself to be an international actor”

Raj Baddhan

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Pallavi Sharda
Pallavi Sharda

Pallavi Sharda is not your average Bollywood actress. She�۪s a private person who completes movies all over the world without any PR and publicity.

���I have done films in Bollywood, Australia and in the US too. But I didn�۪t publicise it. May be I need to smarten up,�۝ she told Hindustani Times.

Sharda is currently midway shooting Srijit Mukherji�۪s debut Bollywood film, ��Begum Jaan,�۪ (2016) where she plays a sex worker. The film also stars Vidya Balan as well as a multitude of other actresses but this doesn�۪t concern Sharda in the slightest. The Australian born actress said, ���For me, the screen time doesn�۪t matter. In the film ��Dus Tola�۪ (2010), I played a village dance teacher and that film too had many actors, However, I got noticed and my role ended up becoming more than what was originally written. In Srijit�۪s film, my character Gulabo is well sketched.�۝

Although her past films haven�۪t had greatest impact at the box office, Sharda refuses to be down hearted. ���Every film of mine is different from the other. People say that they find it difficult to recognise me in my films. I think that�۪s a good thing. It means I am playing my character well.�۝

As a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, Sharda also says that she doesn�۪t believe in the popular ��hero-heroine concept�۪ in Bollywood and is content with Balan taking the lead role for ��Begum Jaan.�۪ She says, ���After working with Ranbir (��Besharam�۪ 2013) and Ayushmann, Vidya is the next ��hero�۪ I am working with. For me, there�۪s absolutely no difference between a man and a woman playing the lead. I come from a different school of acting in Australia, where this hero-heroine concept doesn�۪t exist.�۝

The Perth born actress will next been seen in director Garth Davis�۪ international film ��Lion�۪, which also stars Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara and David Wenham before she heads back to Australia for further projects. When asked whether she could see herself making the jump to American TV shows like Priyanka Chopra and Nimrat Kaur she responded, ��ω��There have been discussions with my agent in the US. It�۪s always about the right thing at the right time. My career crosses over between India, Australia and the US. I consider myself to be an international actor and not a Bollywood actor.�۝

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By Jeetesh Luhar