Overnights: Utsav Plus & Utsav Gold top Sunday in UK

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


Utsav Plus and Utsav Gold topped UK ratings on Sunday, according to exclusive data obtained by BizAsiaLive.com.

Utsav Plus delivered a share of 0.18%, followed by Utsav Gold with 0.17% and ARY Digital with 0.12%.

Utsav Plus’ top rated show on Sunday was ‘Ravivaar With Star Parivaar’ at 19:30 with 48,700 viewers, while the India V Australia cricket final proved a success on Utsav Gold with a peak of over 100k viewers.

ARY Digital stayed strong with ‘Tamasha’ attracting 41,900 viewers.

Please note: Above data is overnight figures, which may change slightly after seven days when consolidated data has been accounted for. BizAsiaLive.com publishes consolidated figures every Monday.