Overnights: Utsav Plus holds on to lead on Thursday in UK

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


Utsav Plus remained the UK’s most watched Asian TV broadcaster on Thursday, while others stayed behind, according to exclusive data obtained by BizAsiaLive.com.

Utsav Plus delivered a share of 0.10% with ‘Anupamaa’ raking in 59,300 viewers and ‘Chikoo’ at 20:30 fetched 39,100 viewers.

Hum TV was in second place with a share of 0.03%. ‘Ishq-e-La’ at 20:00 pulled in 21,500 viewers.

Please note: Above data is overnight figures, which may change slightly after seven days when consolidated data has been accounted for. BizAsiaLive.com publishes consolidated figures every Monday.