Pakistani entertainment channel, Urdu 1 Europe continued to perform better on Tuesday than any other day of the week, according to exclusive data obtained by

The show ‘Amanat’ remained the most watched show on the channel in Tuesday ratings. Last night, it attracted 12,900 viewers, followed by ‘Pul Kay Us Par’ at 19:00 with 9,600 viewers and ‘Amanat’ repeat at 22:00 with 3,200 viewers. The channel delivered a share of 0.012%.

On Tuesday 5th December, ‘Amanat’ was once again the most watched show with 16,000 viewers at 20:00, followed by ‘Feriha’ at 21:00 with 11,000 viewers and ‘Amanat’ repeat at 22:00 with 4,500 viewers. The channel’s share stood at 0.017%.

On Tuesday 28th November, ‘Amanat’ drew 18,700 viewers, followed by ‘Feriha’ at 21:00 with 3,700 viewers. The channel’s overall share raked in 0.013%.

While, the channel’s share has fallen slightly over the past three Tuesdays, it still remains the most popular day for the channel on the back of ‘Amanat’ success. With a few more shows of this calibre, Urdu 1 Europe can repeat its performance on other days too.

Above data is overnight ratings supplied by Attentional – and may change slightly after consolidated figures become available in seven days from BARB.