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Overnights: ‘Toofaan’ on ZEE Cinema punches out rivals on Boxing Day

The premiere of Farhan Akhtar’s action-packed film ‘Toofaan’ punched out rivals on Boxing Day, according to exclusive data obtained by

The film, which aired on ZEE Cinema, attracted a whopping 30,800 viewers at 18:00, giving ZEE Cinema a share of 0.10%. It was the most watched Asian TV channel in the UK on Sunday.

The premiere of ‘Hungama 2’ on Utsav Plus also did well with 17,500 viewers at 17:00.

Colors was the second most watched Asian TV channel with a share of 0.09%. ‘Bigg Boss 15’ attracted 36,100 viewers at 21:30.

Please note: Above data is overnight figures, which may change slightly after seven days when consolidated data has been accounted for. publishes consolidated figures every Monday.