Overnights: Hum TV surges with huge ratings on Wednesday in UK

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Hum TV was by far the biggest Pakistani TV channel in UK ratings on Wednesday, according to exclusive data obtained by BizAsiaLive.com.

Hum TV delivered a share of 0.12%, second in overall ratings after Star Plus, which led with 0.24%. Geo TV was in second place in Pakistani TV ratings with 0.09%, New Vision TV with 0.07% and ARY Family with 0.03%.

Hum TV’s biggest shows on Wednesday were ‘Khaas’ at 20:00 with 42,200 viewers, followed by ‘Janam Jali’ with 38,800 viewers at 21:00 and ‘Meer Aabroo’ at 22:00 with 33,700 viewers.

On Geo TV, ‘Saibaan’ was on top with 36,800 viewers at 19:00, followed by ‘Qaid’ at 21:00 with 32,700 viewers and ‘Qaid’ with 30,500 viewers at 20:00.

On ARY Family, ‘Do Bol’ at 20:00 attracted 22,900 viewers.

Please note: Above data is overnight figures, which may change slightly after seven days when consolidated data has been accounted for. BizAsiaLive.com publishes consolidated figures every Monday.