ARY Digital has reason to smile. This time around the channel has indeed notched up a big one!

ARY Digital, which holds the UK and Europe TV rights of the big cricket showdown between India and Pakistan has revealed to Biz Asia that it has been overwhelmed with the response it has received from new subscribers wanting to view the cricket fest.

The tests began on Friday and the One Days’ will be shown in February. Until then the channel intends to milk the phenomenon. Subscribers have already complained about cueing time in their calls being answered by the Pakistani broadcaster. It has received over 2000 calls per day since the start of this week and numbers have been increasing everyday.

Cricket is a favourite amongst Asian households and with India and Pakistan playing head to head, its being described as the biggest sporting event in Asia of this year.

The channel has introduced a new phone system called AVR, which allows new subscribers sign up to the channel via an automated phone recorder. This system is activated after phone lines are closed at 22:00.