Ofcom raps Hum TV & SAB for exceeding ad breaks

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Hum TV Europe
Hum TV Europe

Hum TV and SAB TV are amongst five channels that have been rapped by Ofcom for exceeding commercial airtime.

Hum TV exceeded its 12-minutes of commercial airtime on 12 different occasions in October last year. It said, that upon being alerted to the matter, it conducted a full internal
investigation. It explained that the incidents detailed above occurred ���when a programme was either more than 1 hour in length or when a 1 hour programme started mid clock hour�۝.

Similarly, Ofcom noted that there were two instances when this channel exceeded the maximum allowance for advertising in any clock hour. On 24th September 2014 the 22:00 clock hour exceeded the allowance by 48 seconds, and on 2nd October 2014 the 02:00 clock hour contained three minutes and 24 seconds more advertising. The broadcaster stated that on 24th September the amount of advertising had not exceeded 12 minutes and did not comment further. For the incident on 2nd October, SAB TV said there was a ���systems error�۝ which resulted
in a longer break being scheduled. A second check at its third party transmission and playout provider operated by Advanced Broadcast Services Limited (���ABS�۝) ���also failed to pick up this error�۝.

Both channels were found in Breach of Rule 4 of COSTA.