Ofcom raps ATN Bangla UK for excessive commercial airtime


Ofcom has rapped ATN Bangla UK for exceeding commercial airtime during the months of October and December 2020.

During Ofcom’s routine monitoring of ATN Bangla UK, Ofcom identified 20 instances when the amount of advertising broadcast in a clock hour exceeded the permitted allowance. The duration of excess advertising broadcast in these clock hours ranged from 11 seconds to two minutes and 36 seconds.

The broadcaster explained that it had faced challenging times during the Coronavirus pandemic and that its system was not set up to operate remotely. It added that, as a result of staff illness, other employees who were not usually involved in scheduling had to help with the process and mistakes were made due to lack of experience.

The Licensee apologised for these instances but said that, under the circumstances, the mistakes were “not huge”. It said that it would do its best to ensure that such instances were not repeated in the future.

Ofcom expressed concern over ATN Bangla’s previous similar breaches in October 2019 and March 2020. Ofcom has reminded ATN Bangla of the importance of complying with the advertising minutage restrictions set down in Rule 2 of COSTA and that repeated breaches of this rule may result in further regulatory action.

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