Ofcom invites RSL applications for Ramadan/Eid

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Media regulator Ofcom has invited stations wanting to broadcast short-term restricted service licence (S-RSL) during Ramadan and Eid next year, to apply mid-September.

According to a note by Ofcom, all applications must be received between Friday 22nd August and Thursday 18th September. It added, “Ramadan is a period for which we receive a lot of competing S-RSL applications, and we plan to accept these over a four week period, rather than on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Only fully completed and signed application forms (plus one copy), accompanied by a cheque for the application fee of �400, can be considered…Any application for a broadcast for Ramadan and Eid that is received after the later date set out above may still be considered, but only if it is for a broadcast in an area for which we have not already received an application.”

Should there be a large base of competing applications for one particular area, Ofcom said that it will in those circumstances draw lots to decide between them, as they have done in previous years. All licence awards are subject to the availability of suitable frequencies.

If a draw becomes necessary, Ofcom said it will inform all parties before deciding. “Applications can be withdrawn at this stage with a full refund of the application fee. If the application enters the draw and is unsuccessful the fee cannot be refunded.”