Ofcom finds Eava FM & Ramadan Radio in “serious breach” of licence rules

BizAsia Correspondent



Ofcom has rapped ethnic community radio stations, Eava FM and Ramadan Radio for a “serious and fundamental breach” of their licence terms.

They are amongst six other community radio stations who have failed to submit their finance reports on time. The financial documents for 2020 were submitted after the deadline.

Ofcom said, “We reiterated in April 2021 that if a licensee still faces challenges responding to any information requests it receives as a result of the pandemic, we ask that it notifies the contact on the request as soon as possible, and before the request deadline, providing detailed information on the issues it is facing and any mitigations it has put in place.

“If no attempt to contact Ofcom is made and a licensee fails to provide the relevant information by the specified deadline, we may commence enforcement action.”

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