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Ofcom announces emergency funding for 31 community radio stations

Ofcom has today announced that 31 community radio stations will receive emergency funding through the Community Radio Fund.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, community radio stations have provided valuable local news and support to millions of people. However, many have also faced severe financial challenges. In response, the UK government announced emergency funding to help them meet the costs of continuing to provide these vital services to local communities.

During the first round of funding, 81 community radio stations were awarded granted totalling just over £333,000.

The Community Radio Fund Panel, which acts independently of Ofcom, has now awarded grants to a further 31 community radio stations totalling £73,658 – the total amount outstanding from the first round of funding.

The Panel made as many awards as possible in line with the eligibility criteria and guidance notes issued alongside the application form.

All of the £406,810 allocated to the Community Radio Fund has now been awarded.