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Nora Fatehi sues Jacqueline Fernandez for alleged remarks in Sukesh Chandrashekhar case

Nora Fatehi has sued fellow actor Jacqueline Fernandez for alleged defamatory remarks made by her in the ongoing legal case involving Sukesh Chandrashekhar. 15 media outlets have also been slapped with legal notices.

The petition filed by Fatehi’s lawyer said, “A conspiracy by the accused No. 1 (Jacqueline Fernandez) to ensure the financial, social, and personal downfall of the complainant was hatched, and enacted by the said action.”

It added, “Her rapidly progressing career quite obviously has threatened her rivals who are unable to compete with her on a fair footing.”

“It has started to become evident that the aforementioned rivals being unable to compete with the complainant fairly in the industry have started to try and tarnish her reputation which would cause her loss of work and hence would open up greener pastures for her rivals in the industry,” it adds.