A viewer has alerted media regulator Ofcom about a programme aired on Noor TV for statements made during the programme that appeared to incite people to commit crime.

Ofcom watched the recording of the broadcast and assessed the transcript of the whole programme, which was broadcast on Thursday 3rd May 2012 at 11:00.

Al Ehya, the licence holder for Noor TV, put forward various points arguing, in summary, that the statements made by the presenter were not likely to encourage or incite crime and did not reach the “benchmark” of criminal liability. The Licensee suggested that Ofcom was taking a hard line and prejudiced view of the particular programme”.

In light of all of the considerations, Ofcom reached the view that Al Ehya had broadcast material likely to encourage or to incite the commission of crime or to lead to disorder.

Ofcom puts the channel on notice until they consider these breaches for the imposition of a statutory sanction. Breaches of Rules 3.1 and 4.1.