Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal has no designer for 'D-Day'
Arjun Rampal has no designer for 'D-Day'

Whilst most filmmakers rush to the best designers to dress their actors and actresses, Nikhil Advani has decided to skip the designer and go straight to the high streets.

Going to local markets and bazaars for Arjun Rampal’s character’s attire for upcoming movie ‘D-Day’, Hindustan Times report Advani stating, “Arjun۪s character requires him to look like someone who can blend into the crowd at a Karachi brothel. All his clothes were bought from outside Andheri Station, for about Rs. 2,000 in total.”

Rampal also did a little shopping for his character, “When I was in Istanbul, I found myself a pair of rugged-looking shoes at a second hand store. They looked great and suited the look of my character, Rudra Pratap. I have worn them throughout the film.”

‘D-Day’ sees Rampal play a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent, based in Pakistan, and the film looks upon the 1993 Mumbai attacks.