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Nihal Arthanayake blasts BBC Asian Network for dropping discussion show

Popular BBC personality Nihal Arthanayake has blasted his former radio station, BBC Asian Network for dropping its weekday discussion show.

Arthanayake voiced his concerns at the recently held Asian Media Awards in Manchester, where he walked away with the Media Personality of the Year accolade. He followed it up with a post on Instagram, in which he said, “Last night from the stage I voiced my concern that the BBC Asian Network no longer had a daytime speech based show and that where would the next “me” come from if it didn’t provide a space not only for a different type of broadcaster but also a live space for the different Asian communities to challenge, share and debate. My words upset some and were applauded by others. In the words of the American journalist and activist Gloria Steinem “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” I like to keep it real. #realtalk #broadcasting #AsianMediaAwards”

After Arthanayake’s exit, the weekday discussion show was fronted by Ankur Desai, along with others. The show was subsequently axed to make way for music-led shows.