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Nidhhi Agerwal is an actress who has done more films in the South since her on-screen debut in 2017 than in Hindi cinema. The actress has found success in her own way. caught up with Agerwal to talk about her journey so far.

After your Hindi debut in 2017, you’ve done a few South films but not Hindi. Was this a conscious choice or because of what came your way since?
It wasn’t a conscious choice. I’ve always done what has come my way. It just happened so that I got a Hindi film first. The thing with is, I always wanted to do a certain kind of films and that’s what I want to continue to do. I don’t just want to do a Hindi film to be relevant in this industry. I would rather be a part of really good films. So wherever I get good films from, I do it. I’ll be doing a Hindi film really and a very nice one. I’m very excited about that. I’m happy to be a pan-Indian actor.

How would you describe making this “transition” so early in your career?
To be very honest, it was a little difficult. I was very new and I didn’t really know the languages. I ended up learning two new languages which was great. It really helped me and it opened up my eyes, my ears, my mind and my world. So, I’m very happy about making the transition so early on in my career. It has taught me so much that I can’t put it to words.

What would you say is the biggest difference between these industries?
There are no real differences. But every set you go to is completely different. I’ve had gained a very different experience from every set I’ve been to. And I’ve been to six-seven sets by now in the last two-and-a-half to three years.

So far, which film experience have you had which has been your most memorable?
All of them have been memorable. I don’t think I can choose one. I’ve been really lucky to have worked with such great teams and such great directors and actors. I don’t think I can choose. But my first film is going to be unforgettable for me because it was like an Alice In Wonderland moment for me. Everything was happening for the first time. I was learning so much on the sets. I didn’t know anything about vanity vans so it was like a surreal moment.

In the months of lockdown, what shows or films did you watch?
I have exhausted Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar. The latest thing that I watched is Schitt’s Creek. I am finishing that now and it is extremely funny and I love it. I would recommend everyone to watch it as it is a light-hearted comedy. I have seen many films in all languages

Who’s the top of your wishlist to work with within Indian cinema?
Mani Ratnam sir. I really want to work him. Of course there is Sanjay Leela Bhansali sir and SS Rajamouli sir. They are all legendary directors.

Do you have a dream role which you would like to play?
I’d like to play a superhero. I think I’ll be able to pull it off well.

Who’s been the most inspirational person you’ve worked with?
Everyone but there are a few directors who I have worked. When they come on the sets, they have a clear vision of what they want and they also spend time with the actors, explain them the character.

What are you shooting for next?
I have two Tamil films going on and I have to finish a Telugu film. I also start another film which I am really looking forward to and I am prepping for it right now. thanks Nidhhi Agerwal for taking the time to talk to us.