Anushka Sharma in 'NH10'

Anushka Sharma in 'NH10'
Anushka Sharma in ‘NH10’

Anushka Sharma’s maiden production ‘NH10’ will be an ‘adults only’ film as the makers are against toning down it down for a lower certificate.

Mumbai Mirror reports the director, Navdeep Singh confirming the developments, “It’s not a film for Chinky and Pinky. Not only specific scenes, but even the content is not meant for children. I realise that a large chunk of the audience won’t get to see the film in the theatres, but you also stand to lose your audience if you dilute the scenes. So I’m okay with an ‘A’ certificate.”

‘NH10’ is about a woman’s revenge for her husband’s murder.

Incidentally, next week’s release ‘Badlapur’ has also gone for an adult-rating due to its excessive use of violence and sexual content.