New Vision TV+1 launches on Sky EPG


A timeshift version of New Vision TV has officially launched on the Sky EPG today.

New Vision TV has become the first news channel to have a +1 service in the UK. It is an unusual move by a broadcaster to launch a timeshift version of a news channel, which has led to speculation that the EPG slot is being used as a placeholder until New Vision TV readies its next channel. Rumours are rife that New Vision TV+1 will be replaced with an Urdu entertainment service in May – most likely content from ARY Digital.

New Vision TV currently homes ARY World (ARY News) on Sky EPG 804, while New Vision TV+1 is situated on EPG 863.

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  1. please where is nv tv+1 we cannot see in europe because frequency no 11426v is only for uk please shift this channal o with new vision frequency 11224h we will be thankfull to you

    • You have to wait.
      They know that the channel isn’t available in Europe.
      I think that they first are going to revamp the channel with ARY Digital content and then they are going to make available New Vision TV+1.
      SEE TV wasn’t available in Europe,too. But now it is available in UK/Europe
      This is because a channel has a Spotbeam.
      New Vision TV is available in Europe because it has got the European Beam.
      You have to wait 1 or 2 weeks until they move New Vision TV+1 from the UK Spotbeam to the European Beam.

        • I remember that the launch week of Dunya News was on the European Beam.
          After 1 or 2 weeks, the channel was only available in UK.
          I asked them a lot of times to move it again to the European Beama,but i don’t think this is going to happen.
          I live in Spain, I want them to move the channel to the European Beam,too.
          I don’t think this will happen.
          But i’m waiting it from the last 3 years,too and I still waiting.
          The channel has got premium programming with shows like Mazaaq Raat and Hasb-e-Haal that everyone love.
          I hope that they move it again to the European Beam.
          If they do this, they will attract European people like it did the first week.

          • Please advise us the FREQUENCY of ARY FAMILY when its known; thanks. I am working and living in LIBYA. Whenever you get this good information, please send this information through my Inbox; advance thanks.

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