New Punjabi comedy to launch on Channel 4


A brand new comedy called Meet The Magoons, written and directed by Hardeep Singh Kohli is set to takeover Friday night’s prime comedy spot from next week.

Starring Hardeep Singh Kohli, his brother Sanjeev Kohli, Nitin Ganatra and Paul Sharma. It?s the story of a group of mates for whom ketchup, chaos, country slices, tandooris, turbans and transvestites are all in a day?s work. The action is set around The Spice, a Punjabi curry house in Glasgow, where the day-to-day running of the business comes second to the cock-ups and cover-ups of the Magoons. If they?re not encountering drug-smuggling samosa suppliers, they?re being busted by an all-female police hit squad!

?Manager man? Nitin [Nitin Ganatra ? Bride and Prejudice, Holby City] is the hapless Magoon, forever trying to prove his managerial prowess but constantly letting his Dad down with his skill for ?fu*king about?. Paul (Paul Sharma ? Swiss Toni, Bodies) is the ?Welsh waiter? who infuriates Nitin by being everything Nitin?s dad wishes Nitin was. Surjit [Sanjeev Kohli – Still Game, Look Around You] is the most chilled out of the Magoons, with a fondness for colourful shirts and long anecdotes told in a style some would call relaxed, most would call dull. Then there?s Hamish [Hardeep Singh Kohli], the King of Trivia, specialising in pop and the eighties, which proves to be a valuable asset in many a Magoon crisis.

Watched over by Nitin?s stetson-wearing, line-dancing dad [Vincent Ebrahim -The Kumars at Number 42] and Alan the chef [Moray Hunter ? The Creatives, Absolutely], the Magoons fill their days with talking rubbish concealing their assorted mishaps, and generally trying to surf an increasing wave of chaos.

Meet the Magoons first came to life as a Channel 4 Comedy Lab in 2002. Writer/director/star Hardeep Singh Kohli has recently written White Bhaji, a screenplay for Gruber Films, which he will also direct. He has been a Writer In Residence for BBC Television and is also working on a Channel 4 Education series Hardeep Does? which takes a fresh and funny look at subjects including race, sex and religion.

The six-part series launches on Friday 19th August and will air weekly at 21:30.

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