EXCLUSIVE The revamp of ZEE Music will take place in

October, that we know, but did you know the date of this

new look? No? Well, it’s confirmed as Monday 13th


The channel will sport a brand new logo, graphics and

signature tune from this date onwards. The channel has

already done tremendously well in its new avatar in

India and hopes to follow that success here in the UK.

No doubt it will, after all ZEE Music is the most widely

watched Asian music channel in Europe. New shows such

as Music Theatre, Cinemascope and Daud are some of the

shows that will launch on the big day.

ZEE Music’s new look was initially due to launch on 1st

October, however the proposed plans were delayed due to

the ZEE Mela which will see marketing of ZEE Music under

the old (present) logo. ZEE Music is available as part

of the ZEE Network UK package that includes ZEE TV, ZEE

Cinema and ZEE Alpha ETC Punjabi.