With the relaunch of your favourite website,BizAsiacoming closer, we can now share the branding of the new look, which goes live in April.

In early-April,BizAsiawill be undergoing its biggest change in its six-year history, with the addition of two further sites.

Media 247 Networkis expanding by heading to America and Canada with a dedicated new site calledBizAsia Atlantic. Further afield, we’re adding more glitz and zing to the current model with the introduction ofBizAsia Showbiz- a news website bringing readers the latest Bollywood, Bhangra and UK/US events.

The new branding produced in-house has an icon cleverly merging the ‘B’ and ‘A’ fromBizAsiaand each site having its own generic colour.BizAsia UKwill continue in its successful orange avatar,BizAsia Atlanticwill don a blue uniform andBizAsia Showbizwill have pink branding.

While all three sites will sit under theMedia 247 Network, each site will have its own touch and feel. All three sites will be woven into one with crossover stories and features.

The new lookMedia 247sites go live in April, with the launch date being announced in the coming days.