New Indian TV ratings body BARC set for launch

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

New ratings system - BARC
New ratings system – BARC

New Indian television ratings system, Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) is in the final stages of launch.

According to reports, BARC has signed up 275 channels for the new service, in each region and across various genres.

BARC said that the general feedback it had received from advertisers and media agencies on data has helped it to focus the front-end user user interface into a ��first-class user experience�۪.

Talking about relative error and its impact on research data, BARC said that as it is not possible to sample every individual (except without a census), sample surveys are undertaken. ���Statistics offers scientific methods to estimate phenomena across entire populations by studying samples. Any sample survey suffers inherently from various errors. Owing to these, statistics never talk about an average [or mean] without talking simultaneously about a measure of dispersion, usually the standard deviation,�۝ it explained.

BARC is also planning to conduct another round of road shows in early February on the User Interface.