BBC Asian Network has confirmed it will launch an innovative new drama season starting from Wednesday 1st September.

The new drama titled ‘BBC Asian Network Presents…’ is according to the station; “committed to providing distinctive, original and impactful content, all relevant to the target audience. Covering a range of stories and styles, the strand endeavours to deliver popular established names to the network and to develop new talent both on and off air, providing a platform for writers (established and new) and fresh radio talent.”

Vijay Sharma, Head of BBC Asian Network, added, “I am pleased that the BBC Asian Network is leading on showcasing Asian writing and creative talent in the Drama genre. As well as being entertaining, these dramas will reflect real issues, passions and stories, which touch the lives of the Asian communities in Britain.”

The new season of commissions will take the listeners from comedy to romance to Bollywood, and will see one 30 minute single drama broadcast on the network each month. The season will commence on Wednesday 1st September at 18:00, with the ‘Big Brother’ inspired ‘Reality Check’. Written by Shai Hussain, the drama features former Hollyoaks actors Lena Kaur and Junade Khan, and follows a young girl through her Big Brother experience, which she intends to use to reveal her true self to her family back home in Yorkshire.

James Peries, Producer, BBC Radio Drama, adds: “‘Reality Check’ starts in the pop culture of today’s ‘reality TV۪ and then reveals deeper themes around identity, and some darker plot twists – ultimately becoming an intimate family story. Other plays in the strand will begin with a familiar touchstone, but then take the audience on an imaginative journey – telling a complete story in 30 minutes. Comedies, mysteries, drama, and musicals are all in preparation”.

‘BBC Asian Network Presents…’ replaces the network’s ‘Silver Street’ drama, which finished on the station in March this year.