New director for third installment of ‘Munnabhai’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Third instalment of the 'Munnabhai' franchise expected
Third instalment of the ‘Munnabhai’ franchise expected

It seems like there will be quite a few changes with the third installment of ‘Munnabhai’ after Subhash Kapoor was replaced.

Mumbai Mirror reports that Kapoor will not be directing the next film in the franchise. Apparently, the film’s script was dated and may not have had worked in today’s times.

Kapoor told Mumbai Mirror, “Only one thing���the concept that I had submitted to Vinod for Munna Bhai 3 had a strong connect with the prevailing political situation in 2013 when the UPA was ruling the country. With Sanju’s non-availability and the change of government at the Centre in 2014, it was felt that the concept may not be relevant anymore. So, Vinod and I have mutually decided to terminate our contract.”

The film is set to go on the floors with a new team, once Sanjay Dutt is out of prison.