New channel ‘KBC’ set for Sky Digital launch

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


A new channel by the name of KBC is set for a launch on the Sky Digital platform in the next few days.

According to EPG tests off the Sky EPG, it seems the channel will specialise in Kashmiri infotainment along with shows in Pahari and Mirpuri, with selected programmes also in Pothowari and Hindko.

It is rumoured that KBC has bought an EPG slot from an existing shopping channel. It is currently unknown when KBC will officially launch.

KBC is EPG data testing. Video and audio tests are expected soon.

Tests of KBC can be viewed in the following way:

-> Using your Sky Digi remote, go to Services Menu
-> System Setup (4)
-> Add Channels (4)
-> Enter the frequency: 12.525 (V), FEC 2/3, Symbol Rate 27500
-> Find Channels and Press SELECT
-> Highlight “55111” service and press Yellow button.
-> Return to Services Menu
-> Other Channels (6) on STB / (8) on Sky+
-> “55111” should be listed and available