Chennai-based music channel Southern Spice Music (SS

Music) has set its eyes beyond the Southern market – and

it is not just within India! Buoyed by the superiority

it had been maintaining, ahead of music channels MTV and

Channel [V], in the South Indian market since a long

time, the channel is planning its global expansion,

apart from strengthening its presence in Mumbai, Delhi

and Kolkata during the third quarter of 2004.

SS Music president BD Ramesh Babu spoke to

IndianTelevision about the ambitious plans the company

had set forth. “Since we have reasonably achieved

certain milestones in content, connectivity and

commercial(s), our future initiative will be focused on

Marketing and Promotions. A sizeable budget has been

allocated in this direction, this financial year. Our

presence in Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta will also be

increased within the third quarter of the year.” “We are

in the advanced stage of finalising our global

expansion plans. We are planning to distribute SS Music

in the US, Europe, Middle East and Singapore through

major DTH platforms in these territories. This will not

only increase the popularity of the channel but also

directly contribute to the bottom line of the revenue.”