With Netflix’s quarterly revenue and subscriber numbers falling short of expectations, the company’s executives have expressed their excitement about Netflix’s opportunity in India.

Netflix Chief, Reed Hastings said, “We are really pleased with our progress or tracking we’re making since we launched two and a half years ago.”

He added that Netflix was “way behind YouTube, Hotstar” in India. He said, “Those are really the leaders on the Internet. And there is so much TV viewing at Linear TV that could be internet viewing.”

Hastings said, “We’re really getting some nice momentum in our India growth. We’re still a niche product and have got a long way to go to expand languages and many other aspects to able to cover to be a broad Indian product. But in terms of our beachhead, I’m very pleased with what we’ve been doing.”

Netflix recently launched its first Indian production ‘Sacred Games’ to rave reviews. It will also be launching ‘Ghoul’ next month.