Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brother Shamas on Minazuddin’s allegations

BizAsia Correspondent



Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brother Minazuddin has been facing a difficult period after their niece, Sasha alleged him of sexual harassment when she was nine years old.

While Nawazuddin has remained quiet on the subject, his other brother Shamas has refuted the allegations saying, “Few people are doing illegal work by taking advantage of lockdown and using a name and chasing the media, especially after being absconded in the trial of the court.”

He added, “Under Case at ACJM First 363, 366-A, 368, 120B under IPC Dehradun and Uttarakhand HC Case under section 482/483 of IPC. I hope justice prevails and their warrants will be recalled as soon as the court opens! I have been busy writing my next film in the lockdown. It’s sad to hear such news of how someone is being defamed. Just after, I got in touch with my lawyers. I got to know that under the 7/8 POSCO act, the husband of the lady in the video has been accused and she has been accusing my younger brother Minazuddin for no reason but under someone’s influence.”

Sasha had earlier told PinkVilla, “When I told bade papa (Nawaz) about the molestation, I was very young back then. My parents had stopped me from going to school. When I told bade papa about it, he asked me, ‘what you want to do now?’ I told him that I’m mentally and physically being tortured. But, bade papa reacted and asked me about the film I was watching that was prompting me to use such dialogues.”