National Camera Day: Five Characters & their love for the camera


They say a picture is worth a thousand words as an image can tell the viewer so much without actually saying anything. One image can tell a story and with it contain so many wonderful memories of a time that has passed.

The 29th June marks National Camera Day therefore on this day will look at five characters and their love for the camera.

Kunal from ‘Dostana’ (2008)
Ever since Kunal (John Abraham) makes his entry in the film he is seen with his beloved camera. By profession he is a fashion photographer who loves what he does. There is one scene in the film where the three friends Neha, Sam and Kunal discuss what they had hoped for at this stage in their lives. Neha had hoped that she would be the boss at the magazine company she works for and she’d be in a relationship. Sam on the other hand had wanted to be an actor who had thousands of fans while Kunal silently smiles at the two. The two friends realise that Kunal had always wanted to be a photographer ever since he can remember and quite jealous that he achieved what he had wanted.

Farhan from ‘3 Idiots’ (2009)
Farhan (R Madhavan) has a passion for photography and has a serious talent for it. Sadly he has to forget about this dream of his as his father wants him to focus on engineering.

His friends Rancho and Raju can see how much photography means to him but the fear of his father is more. Farhan has a letter which he always keeps in his bag which is addressed to a well known photographer whom he admires. One day without his knowledge Rancho posts the letter and to their surprise they get a reply with Farhan being offered a chance to work with the photographer. After a serious discussion with his father Farhan manages to persuade his father to let him take up photography and as time goes on Farhan goes onto become a well known wildlife photographer.

Sid from ‘Wake Up Sid’ (2009)
Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) loves taking pictures of anything and everything. There were many scenes where he would pick up his camera and literally start clicking away. So many people had smiles on their faces thanks to Sid and his camera. He not only managed to take pictures but he captured the feelings behind them. When his neighbours ask to have their family pictures taken Sid gladly accepts to do so and he manages to get some special moments between mother and son on camera.

Sid has always been unaware that his eye for capturing wonderful pictures was actually something that he had picked up from his father. When he learns that his father used to take his pictures when he was younger he somewhat becomes a lot closer to him sharing that he also enjoys taking pictures, so much in fact that he has taken it up as a profession.

Jai from ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’ (2001)
Jai (Fardeen Khan) with his camera is a magician and once he is inspired nothing can come in his way. When he sees Rhea for the first time he is mesmerised by her beauty and can’t help but click her photographs. When Rhea learns that Jai has taken her pictures without her permission and has got them published on the cover of a well known magazine she is furious. However after a few interactions with Jai and a lot of persuasion from him she decides to start modelling for him. Khan’s character was very passionate when it came to his work and he loved experimenting with his muse. They made the perfect team with the feisty beauty before the camera and behind the lens the creative genius.

JD from ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’ (1988)
Shatrughan Sinha enters on the scene as a frustrated fashion photographer named JD. He says to his fellow colleague that he is on the hunt for a fresh face that will create havoc in the fashion industry. However he is fed up as he struggling to find such a face and at this rate they’ll have to close down the advertising agency. As if by magic his prayers are heard and Jyoti steps into the office impressing the photographer with just one glance. After seeing Jyoti he is both excited and motivated and at once starts clicking images of her. With his creativity and her beauty he promises big things for Jyoti making her one of the biggest sensations in the modelling world.

Enjoy ‘National Camera Day’ and stay tuned to for more entertainment.

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