Naseeruddin Shah stirs up more controversy about Rajesh Khanna

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah surprised many a few days ago when he labelled the now deceased star Rajesh Khanna “a poor actor”.

Following this, Shah was trolled by Internet fans for his controversial comments. He apologised thereafter. However, Shah has now opened up a new can of worms by adding to the controversy.

Talking at the masterclass organised by Neville Tuli of Osianama at the famous Liberty cinema in Mumbai, Shah was cited in The Indian Express saying, ���Everybody who has got upset with what I said, none of them has contradicted what I said. They all said, ��How can you say a thing like this. Have some respect for the dead.�۪ What respect did the film industry have for Rajesh Khanna when he was alive is my question. He had thousands of people outside his bungalow. Does that make him a great actor? So anybody who has thousands of people outside his bungalow is a great actor is that what you are trying to say.�۝

Shah said that beside a couple of Khanna’s films, he wasn’t a fan of his other work. When referred to classics like ‘Aradhana’ and ‘Anand’, which did big business at the box office. He said, ���Certainly. I am not denying that. I am talking of his contribution by and large. I loved his performance in Anand and I loved his performance in Aradhana. These are the two films of his which I can certainly say I like without any reservations. I don�۪t think I liked any others.�۝

He concluded, ���I apologised to his family because I can understand their feelings. I have not apologised to anybody else nor have I withdrawn that statement.�۝