Former ‘Big Brother’ contestant Narinder Kaur has written a book about the dark side of the hit Channel 4 reality TV show.

In the shocking book titled ‘Big Brother: The Inside Story’, Narinder tracks down ex-housemates from the show and reveals the misery many of them suffered after their exposure on TV.

“There are now around 100 former housemates,” she explains, “some drifting around aimlessly, some the walking wounded, some who went back to their old lives as best as they could, and some, well…who knows?”

Narinder, 35, discovered, amongst many other revelations, that Sam Heuston who had a fling with Blue’s Duncan James – was so depressed after her eviction that she slashed her wrists in front of her father.

Makosi Musambasi received death threats from Zimbabwel and BB6 winner Anthony Hutton had his nose broken in a club.

Big Brother: The Inside Story by Narinder Kaur is published by Virgin Books on 24th May.

The new series of ‘Big Brother’ starts on Channel 4 at the end of this month.