Nargis Fakhri on ‘5 Weddings’: “Uncanny how this character was so close to me”


Nargis Fakhri will be seen in this week’s release ‘5 Weddings’ alongside Rajkummar Rao. It’s a feature film with comedy, drama and romance that showcases the vibrant ceremonies at India’s weddings, with an important sub plot that features Hijras, a sect of transgender dancers who have been an integral part of Indian wedding tradition for centuries. caught up with the actress, for who this film is the second Hollywood outing.

What made you sign ‘5 Weddings’?
When I finished reading the script my Jaw dropped because I just could not believe how close it was to my personal life. The thing my character was going through or experienced is similar to what I have experienced and felt. I was very excited to play the role of Shania because I felt very close to her and could understand who she was and what she feels.

Is your character’s journey to India one you identify with personally at all?
Not only is the journey to India identifiable but also her relationship with her mother and father and her career and work life.

What do you most love about Indian weddings?
I love how Indian Weddings are so grand and important. Its really beautiful how the family goes out of their way to make it the perfect day. The decor of the venue, the food the bride and groom and everyone who attends always looks so glamorous. Plus Indians really know how to party and have a great time!

Are there any moments of the film which resonated with your personal life/journey?
Yes, a few things definitely felt close to home. My mother in the film had breast cancer and I know what that is like as my mom went through that as well. My father and mother separating and me not really knowing him and feeling certain emotions about him were very similar to Shania’s. Also Shania wanting to write about something important ( a social cause ) and try to help is how I am as well. It was kinda uncanny how this character was so close to me.

How did you find working with Rajkummar Rao?
He was a delight to work with. We got along well and had a blast shooting. He has a great sense of humour and we just clicked.

What do you feel audiences will most identify with in the film?
I think there are many things people will be able to identify. This film is very relatable, its very real and touches upon a lot of things we are facing today. A lot of human emotions/ feelings that we all can identify with.

‘5 Weddings’ is set for release on 26th October.

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