Narendra Modi’s visit to US dominate news channels

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


The rivalry between Indian news channels has taken a further turn, with each of the broadcasters claiming to have the “biggest coverage” of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s US visit. What makes this trip even special is that its the first time Modi will be meeting Donald Trump since he took over as President of the US.

News18 will run special programming between 25th and 26th June under the ‘Modi Meets Trump’ brand. Its coverage will be led by Shereen Bhan, who would entail coverage of PM Modi’s address to the Indian diaspora, his meeting with President Trump, coverage of any speeches/joint statement, interviews with key personalities along with stories in the news wheel. The channel will also switch regularly to its sister news channel, CNN for regular updates.

Times Now
Similarly, Times Now will air special coverage under the brand ‘Modi Trump Meet’ with live coverage from the States. There will also be a special show called ‘Decoding The T2 Agenda’ on Sunday at 13:00 and 22:00.