Namit Malhotra’s DNEG wins to Oscar nominations

BizAsia Correspondent



Namit Malhotra is India’s man in Hollywood at the moment. Leading visual effects (VFX) and animation studio DNEG, led by Namit Malhotra, has received two nominations in the ‘Best Visual Effects’ category for the 94th Academy Awards, which is scheduled for March 27, 2022 in Los Angeles.

DNEG has been nominated in the ‘Best Visual Effects’ category for its work on ‘Dune’ and ‘No Time to Die’.

Speaking about the nominations, Namit Malhotra, DNEG Chairman and CEO shared, “I am very grateful to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for these nominations and I am proud to see our teams receiving this well-deserved recognition. These nominations validate our high ambitions for DNEG to become the foremost and most highly-regarded VFX and animation company in the world, and to make my country, my India, proud.”

DNEG’s VFX work has previously won six Academy Awards for ‘Best Visual Effects’ – including five of the last seven – for Tenet (2021), First Man (2019), Blade Runner 2049 (2018), Ex Machina (2016), Interstellar (2015) and Inception (2011).

Earlier this month, DNEG won a BAFTA for its VFX work on Dune further exemplifying the company’s exceptional and leading capabilities in the visual effects and animation industries. This BAFTA award – combined with the seven 2022 Visual Effects Society awards that DNEG picked – makes this year one of DNEG’s most impressive to date, with two Academy Award ® nominations for Best Visual Effects awaiting (Dune, No Time To Die).

Four of the five 2022 BAFTA-nominated films in the ‘Special Visual Effects’ category feature DNEG-led VFX work – ‘Dune’, ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’, ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ and No Time to Die’.

DNEG also received an unprecedented 12 nominations for the 2022 Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards, across six shows.

DNEG has previously also won seven BAFTA Awards, as well as 18 Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards and three Primetime Emmy Awards.’