Naina Singh reveals the ultimate secret to her toned body

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Naina Singh, who’s popular for her role as Rhea in the hit television show, ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ shares with the ultimate secret to her toned and fabulous bod. The actress, who’s also been part of a couple of reality shows, is often complimented for her beautiful bronze skintone and her envious body.

Spilling the secret to her beauty, she says, “I’m someone who loves to workout. No matter how late my shoots extend up to, I ensure that I do my workout. Staying fit keeps one looking great physically, and then it reflects in your personality! It’s what makes one have a magnetic persona!”

She further adds, “Apart from working out, I also believe in eating healthy! Because afterall, about seventy percent of overall fitness depends on eating healthy! So, the diet should be well taken care of.”

When asked what her ultimate fitness mantra is, she says, “My fitness mantra is basically just to stay happy. If one is happy, they can be active, and if one is happy can follow a good diet too! When you’re happy, you can do anything!”

The pretty actress who earned the tag ‘Sherni’ by her fans during her time in ‘Splitsvilla’, may soon be seen in the coming season of India’s biggest reality television show, ‘Bigg Boss’.

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