Nadeem Saifi wants apology from Indian government

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Nadeem Shravan
Nadeem Shravan

Nadeem-Shravan were once the most sought after music director duo in Bollywood. That was the case until Nadeem Saifi was accused of murder 16 years ago and sent to exile. The musician is now wanting an apology from the Indian government for their actions.

Saifi spoke to BBC Asian Network, ���I don’t want to die without getting justice�۝. In 2002, a judge ruled that the case against him was unjustified but his arrest warrant remains even today. He is accused of the murder of Gulshan Kumar, the then manager of T-Series.

Saifi is believed to been on a vacation in the UK in 1997 when Kumar was killed outside a suburban temple in Mumbai. The police said that this was a plot that Saifi was involved in.

���It was just an act of jealousy from certain people who thought, ‘let’s nail this good-looking hunk of a guy�۝, said Saifi, who currently resides in Dubai.