Nadeem returns to Bollywood without Shravan

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Nadeem Shravan
Nadeem Shravan

Nadeem Saifi, famous as part of the Nadeem Shravan music duo, has signed his first solo film as composer ‘Ishq Forever’.

Mumbai Mirror reports that ‘Ishq Forever’ will be the directorial debut of Vidya Malvade’s husband, Sanjay Dayma. The director met up with Nadeem in Dubai, where he was accompanied by lyricist Sameer.

Nadeem commutes between Dubai and London after leaving India following the murder of Gulshan Kumar. He was the main accused.

Nadeem told the paper, “Ishq Forever will be my first film without Shravan. There are six songs and I hope to recreate the magic of the’90s. The film is produced by Shabbir Boxwalla with whom I had worked in Dil Ka Rishta and have been friends since.”