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The highly anticipated film ��Shaandaar�۪ is already creating waves with its teasers across TV and the internet. Considering this is the next release of 2014�۪s best director Vikas Bahl who swept all the awards for ��Queen�۪ (2014), the anticipation is of the next level for this project. The super cool vibes with the pairing of Alia Bhatt with Shahid Kapoor and daddy Pankaj Kapur around on this rom-com destination wedding story looks good on screen and definitely generates interest in their on screen chemistry. Anticipation is also high for the music of the film composed by Amit Trivedi who also swept the awards last year for ��Queen�۪. His off-beat and technically precise style of music arrangement always delivers something exciting on every mainstream album he touches. That too with the lyrics of Amitabh Bhattacharya and a track with Anvita Dutt should surely help deliver something exciting on each song in this album.

Gulaabo - Shaandaar

Gulaabo is an unusual title for a modern day rom-com but that is the real twist here as Anvita Dutt gives that crude desi touch to a very urban composition by Trivedi. Shahid�۪s real life younger sister Sanah Kapoor is Gulaabo in this song and makes her screen debut with this really top class song. The arrangement is just super to put it simply! Trivedi breaks all barriers and mashes up urban, desi street, Drum N Bass beat structure with an RnB beat texture and melody that makes this song a killer dancefloor tune. Leading with his famous trumpets is a perfect signature of an Amit Trivedi song. A vital ingredient of any top Bollywood tune is the voice of Vishal Dadlani who delivers another spotless performance that is bubbling with oomph. His Jazz style of delivery further confuses the listener to put this song in a specific genre. Immensely talented Anusha Mani supports Vishal on the female rap that can compete with any Badshah or Honey Singh. Dutt�۪s lyrics are super fresh and vibrant, perhaps the best heard this year in a party tune. With a really cute moustache-themed video shot in the UK with some amazing choreography this is just a sure shot superhit song and a must listen!

Nazdeekiyaan is a very strong romantic song in the voices of Nikhil Paul George and Neeti Mohan. London boy Nikhil delivers a strong vocal that is emotive and depth throughout going to the higher pitches while Neeti takes the low road keeping it very melodic. Amit gives the song a very strong UK influence beyond the Nikhil connection with the use of a full grand orchestra to start with and innovative use of Scottish pipes for the bridges. The soft sound gives it a pure ballroom song making it an ideal choice for first dance at weddings. Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya are perhaps not his best work but have meaning and strong emotions all through its two short verses.

Raitaa Phailgaya in the voice of Divya Kumar is the albums next party tune and totally designed for drunk uncleji�۪s at weddings and it is perhaps the best ones purely for that purpose. The song has a strong Punjabi touch to it in Kumar�۪s vocals and Amit�۪s use of dhols and shouts at the chorus. Kumar�۪s vocals are good but not the best for a Punjabi song of this stature but he does well to take the song through solo. Amitabh�۪s lyrics are quite good and describes really interesting situations. ���Gulzaar ke geeto mein jab Honey Singh ghus gaya toh raitaa phailgaya�۝ is just a proper laugh. Amit�۪s composition is rather hollow as a sound in this song as it sounds very artificial and synthetic and is thus a bit disappointing.

Amit Trivedi gets on the mic himself next to support the amazing Arijit Singh on Senti Wali Mental. A very casual and playful theme dominates this song as a faceoff between men and women with a lot of tease and leg-pulling between the sexes. Composed in a qawali style face-off to a dholki this really long nine minute song is yet again designed for a wedding boys vs girl fun time on the lines of ���joote do paise lo�۝ style of a setup the video for which should be very interesting as a number of characters and family members seem to be involved as the face-off gets aggressive towards the end in favour of the girls. The composition changes from Qawali to a fast rap of puns in the fight for supremacy at which Amit does a good job in transitioning. Neeti Mohan does a really good job on the female vocals and is worth a mention. This song is unique in its style but not in its concept and thus a good listen as this old war of the sexes at weddings gets a 2015 refresh in true Amit Trivedi style and with the super lyrical brain of Amitabh.

Shaam Shaandaar 8 Alia Shahid featured

Title track Shaam Shaandaar has been doing the rounds already with its big electronic beats and high speed composition. Sung by Amit Trivedi himself he gives the song a very modern and upbeat vocal delivery that works perfectly with the music. Starting off with a pure 4 x 4 Bhangra dhol beat symbolising the wedding theme of the film this quickly transitions with Trivedi Trumpets to an electronic party tune. The overall vibe of the song is fast-drive and total let-go style for the free willed. Amitabh�۪s lyrics drive this nature of the song with phrases like ���Aasman se aage hi yeh sham shaandaar�۝. Driving aspirations and adventure, Amitabh puts a lot of emphasis on going the extra mile to live your life to the fullest that seems to be the message of this film making this a good fun song to listen to.


The dynamic team of Vikas Bahl and Amit Trivedi produces magic yet again in ��Shaandaar�۪ continuing the success of ��Queen�۪ in two consecutive years. The album is a treat to listen to as Amit gives it a range and variety in genres and creativity even within just five songs. Gulaabo is a piece of genius work and a dream song for every DJ to pick a party up with its naughtiness and fun beat vibes, while Shaam Shaandaar is a good standard electronic party tune. Nazdeekiyaan is a gorgeous romantic ballad that is soft and melodic while Raitaa Phailgaya and Senti Wali Mental are refreshingly different and bring a new style of wedding music to the scene. Amitabh Bhattacharya and Anvita Dutt are at the top of their game with their lyrical work on each song. Vishal Dadlani, Neeti Mohan and Nikhil George stand out with their vocal performances. With Vikas�۪s perfect on-screen execution for each song, they should all individually become a hit and that is what one wants on a soundtrack. No long list of songs and no remixes but a good listen on each track.. and that is what this album delivers.

BizAsia Showbiz Rating ��� 8.5/10

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