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Music Review: ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’

Bollywood classic superhits seem to be at the core of the story of the forthcoming release ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ starring Parineeti Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana. It is going to be very nostalgic reminiscing old classics with these two bubbly actors as debutant director Akshay Roy knits a love story around them. Music thus seems to be the central theme of this film raising a lot of expectations from the music of this film. Chopra holds a mic and record in her hand in the film poster and while Khurrana is working with a cassette player in all the trailers released so far in a creative way spanning across five chapters. Sachin-Jigar are in control of this soundtrack along with Kausar Munir and a couple of other lyricists giving him a hand. The Bengali flavour could be strong too considering the setting of the film but with the overall musical theme of the film puts some pressure on the duo to deliver a good soundtrack that should act as a mix tape of the story itself.

Yeh Jawaani Teri starts off the album setting the theme nicely on a fun melody that sits on a 70s twist style. The music is melodic and well arranged taking one straight back to the classical setting. The use of trumpets, electrical guitars and disco drums drive the fun factor of the song. Vocals are part of the song that do the job of blending and making the song current with Nakash Aziz taking a slight retro approach while Jonita Gandhi delivering a 2017 style vocal. Both maintain a good level of excitement and richness in the vocal that keeps it authentic to work with the onscreen fun side of Chopra & Khurrana. Lyrics by Kausar Munir are simple and catchy that always work for a song of this style. It makes the song very memorable and easy to sing along too and the overall melody is very sticky as a whole. A clichéd but enjoyable song that fits perfectly with the theme of the film.

Arijit Singh voices Haareya for Khurrana in what is yet another perfect song from the singer. His vocal is the controlled, smooth, gorgeous and simply perfect for his vocal style. Makes wonder if Khurrana could have himself voiced it and done a good job with it since this song is totally visualised on him, but Singh is who is going to make this a big hit song for the film. The lyrics are by Priya Saraiya and a huge asset to the success of this song. They are really heartening as she very easily words the feeling of maddening first love and loosing ones heart at the first sight. The song is moving but in a positive way that brings a smile to the face. The composition is the part that imparts a lot of positive energy to the song with its acoustic guitars and symphonic keys. It’s really easy to listen to and hits home with just a few listens making one fall in love with the song. This is an easy hit of the album and one that really deserves it.

Chopra makes her own singing debut with Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin which is a slow ghazal style composition. A break-up song of sorts that is reminiscent of love and the times together but in a completely different way from those heard before. Munir’s lyrics are the highlight of the song that gives the uniqueness to this song. He brings out instances that happen on a day-to-day but remind one of the lost love but he then brings in closure on to them in a unique way which is refreshing to hear. The music duo keep it simple yet again on the instrumentation front and focus on the composition and arrangement. The merging of ghazal and pop makes this song commercial while still holding true to the nature of the song. It is soft and very listenable that helps bring out the new unique aspect of this song which is Chopra’s vocals. Clearly she does a good job with in and maintains good control on it but it feels like it has been touched up and auto-tuned. She doesn’t get adventurous with doing various ad-libs but keeps it clean and very heartfelt. Overall this is a good song and when it gets successful, which it should, it would open a whole new career option for the younger Chopra sis following on her sister’s footsteps.

Iss Tarah is the cool and hip song of the album. Dominated by an urban beat along with the westernised vocals of Clinton and Dominique Cerejo, this is a cool song that is targeted for the millennial listeners. The music is nicely arranged with a good number of instruments conducted well and clearly performed live. The lyrics by Munir are a let-down though and very repetitive and quite senseless in parts. The emotions are very cold and it lacks passion overall. The vocals thus try to oomph lust and passion but words let them down and so it just doesn’t sound believable. The singing duo do a good job though in their respective vocals but only manage to make this is mediocre song.

Monali Thakur goes solo on Khol De Baahein and completely rules the song with her gorgeous vocals in Hindi and Bengali. The song is almost acoustic and thus Thakur’s vocals are the real hero of the song. She sounds like almost whispering and it is so well delivered that each word oozes with melody. Her control and vocal texture is worth listening and makes the song what it is. The musical execution is very nice and soothing to hear. The acoustic guitar is brilliantly played and the simplicity of the song lets the arrangement shine through. The low key execution is quite synonymous of Bengali music and thus works really well for the film setting too. Munir joins hands with Rana Mazumder for the Bengali lyrics and have a lot of lovely poetry to make this a happy and joyful song to listen to. The lyrics have a lot of life in it and captures it all in a short song and the arms of the character which is very pleasant to hear.

Sachin-Jigar have put a good soundtrack together for ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ that sounds fresh and is worth a listen. The album has a good mix of fun and romance with romance being the clear theme of the music overall. The album has mass appeal even with Bengali music being central to its theme. They duo don’t go overboard on instrumentation but keep it simple and authentic. Kausar Munir does a fair job on lyrics with a few good and mediocre ones but Priya Saraiya impresses the most with her work on Haareya that Arijit Singh makes his own and delivers his magic with making it perhaps the best song on the album. Monali Thakur impresses with her vocals on Khol De Baahein with some good lyrics while Ye Jawaani Teri delivering dance and fun to the album. Finally, Chopra makes her own singing debut with Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin to some amazing poetry by Kausar set to soothing music that makes ghazal music current and modern. The absence of Ayushmann Khurrana as a singer is a disappointment but overall the album is fresh and delivers all good quality songs to listen to. None of them are amazing or brilliant but they are good and worth a listen. Rating – 7/10