Music Review: ‘Kismet Love Paisa Dilli’


Another romantic comedy is set to hit the screens with the Dilli appeal. This time, it’s��with��the odd pairing of Vivek Oberoi with the hot and sultry Mallika Sherawat in ��Kismet Love Paisa Dilli�۪ aka ��KLPD�۪. The trailer for the movie is funny no doubt in the typical corny adult and bold humour style that Bollywood has recently adopted and the directorial expectations from the movie are high considering this is the second project by director Sanjay Khanduri whose last project was the critically acclaimed ��Ek Chalis Ki Last Local�۪ (2007). The whole Delhi feel should give the movie an exciting funny side considering Bollywood has been in love with the north over the last few years helping it capitalise on the fun Punjabi and Haryanvi cultures typical to the area. This fun factor would reflect in the soundtrack of ��KLPD�۪ as well with a blend of Punjabi music, romantic and fun party music. The music is mainly the work of Amjad Nadeem who has been around for over��three years now in Bollywood and has worked on a number of B-grade projects with no major hits making this his opportunity to shine. Helping him on a track is a new entry on the B-town music scene, Santokh Singh who is multi-talented with music production, lyrics and singing as well. The very talented Shabbir Ahmed has written the lyrics for all songs under Nadeem�۪s compositional work.

Vivek-Mallika in 'Kismet Love Paisa Dilli'
Vivek-Mallika in 'Kismet Love Paisa Dilli'

‘KLPD’ starts off with a masti-ful number called Dhishkiyaon with spotless vocals of Sonu Nigam accompanied by Ritu Pathak. With samples from 40’s music n great use of brass instruments, this composition by Nadeem is different from what you normally hear. Lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed sound as if purely written for Nigam to match his style. Pathak is not at her best but that could be the focus is all on Nigam. A song about love and all associated fun feelings with it, this song is ideal for radio play on the morning drive time.

Newcomer Santokh Singh rules the next song called Appy Budday which is really cool. Music, lyrics and vocals are all by Singh. Hindi lyrics with a Punjabi vibe set to an urban music composition make it a unique song designed for all the hip dudes to blast it in their high end Pajero cars to pull the ladies. The eclectic mix of music favours make this a good youthful song to check out for sure.

“Chandni chowk, lal kila ya chun le koi theatre”, Jugaad is a song about finding a cosy corner to meet up for lovers with a typical Punjabi village beat composition by Nadeem set to the brilliant vocals of Sukhwinder Singh and Mamta Sharma. Sukhwinder Singh is in his typical avatar with energetic vocals, but the surprise find is the really strong and fun vocal by Sharma. Her voice texture and style is unique and well suited for this song. Ahmed delivers a good range of mix situations to deliver a new meaning to the word jugaad.

Vivek-Mallika in 'Kismet Love Paisa Dilli'
Vivek-Mallika in 'Kismet Love Paisa Dilli'

Don�۪t Fuff My Mind is a Delhi themed song once again with an urban music style mixed with Mika Singh�۪s Punjabi vocal style. Mika as usual makes the song his own in his vibrant and sparky vocal style. Accompanying him is none other than Oberoi himself on the dialogue deliveries. Nadeem�۪s composition of the melody is average on this song as the main star are the lyrics for this number although the arrangement of the music works. Ahmed picks up the typical scenarios of Delhi life in a fantastic poetic form making it a reminisce song for everyone who has even been to the capital of India.

Santokh Singh does a second version of Appy Budday (Desi) in a short and traditional style with focus on very traditional and easily available instruments in a village setting. Although the idea, work and arrangement is commendable, the concept shocks one after listening to the urban fun version. Whether one likes this version or not is dependent on personal taste but in any case it does not really add value to the soundtrack.

Aamir Khan remixes Mika�۪s song which is quite easily an obvious choice for a remix. Don�۪t Fuff My Mind (Remix) does not sound overtly different compared to the original and thus so is pretty much just there to fill up the CD. One can easily skip this track as there is nothing much to talk about it in this and is below average in its execution.


Considering ��KLPD�۪ is a low-budget comedy with not a major star cast, the expectations were quite average on the music front.��However, the soundtrack is pleasantly surprising with a very cool and fun commercial music vibe. The most unique part of the album are the song titles with different and unique names never heard of below. The lyrics along with the song names are the most noticeable and well executed part of the album being the handy work of Shabbir Ahmed. Nadeem proves he has the calibre to deliver a commercial grade-A soundtrack and is definitely on the way up getting the best out of singers like Sonu Nigam and Sukhwinder Singh. Santokh Singh is a great find who does a lovely job on all fronts with Appy Budday and is sure to land up with more work after this. Overall although there is no super-hit class song to scale up the charts, ��KLPD�۪ has an average soundtrack with just��four original numbers and not a lot of depth in its music genres. Dhishkiyaon, Appy Budday and Don�۪t Fuff My Mind are the songs to check out for their cool factor.

BizAsia Showbiz Overall Rating ��� 6.5/10

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