Music Review: ‘Jism 2’


Sensuality is at its max as Bollywood gets its own adult movie with porn star Sunny Leone along with��niche method actors Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda. Only the Bhatt family have the guts to write, produce and direct a movie��such as��this in the mainstream Bollywood market.��It was done with��’Jism’ (2003), ‘Paap’ (2004), ‘Rog’ (2006) and now they are back with ‘Jism 2’ touching on topics that were taboo even in urban India in 2003. The hype and anticipation around this movie is at its max!

Pooja Bhatt brings in a team of multi-talented individuals who have not just put pen to paper but also done the music direction. The music department credits include Mithoon and Arko Mukherjee, of ‘Murder 2’ (2011) fame, and also��newcomers to Bolly-land Rushk and Abdul Baasith Saeed to put together a soundtrack that should typically have the soft ambient musical touch of the Bhatt house but also the romantic sensual touch to go with the ‘Jism 2’ theme.

Sunny Leone and Arunoday Singh in 'Jism 2'
Sunny Leone and Arunoday Singh in 'Jism 2'

Abhi Abhi (Male) in the voice of the brilliant KK is��a typical opening song of a Bhatt banner movie. They so consistently churn these thematic songs out that represent the movie in a very fitting manner. What is common to most of them is the soft rock feel and KK is the best at that genre. The lyrics and music by Arko Pravo are simply brilliant. The poetry that is built into the rendition is almost like a romantic story in itself with a beautiful soothing composition on electric guitars.

Sonu Kakkar gives her vocals to Yeh Kasoor which is by far a favourite on this soundtrack. The rendition by this super talented girl has the depth of valleys in it. To complement her flawless vocals Mithoon��rightly keeps the music very simple and lets her vocal chords be the instrument to listen to. The instrumentation that is there is purely suited for a romantic candle-light moment. What stands out more than the sensuous vocals of Kakkar are the meaningful and aesthetically pleasing lyrics penned by Mithoon. A must listen of any music lover!

Mukherjee brings in the powerful vocals of Pakistani Rock icon Ali Azmat for Maula which is a very strong song on this soundtrack. This song not only adds further variety and depth to the album but also��the��intensity and power to the violent side of love. The instrumentation and variety of percussions used by Mukherjee are a piece of brilliance. The arrangements and lyrics are not very engaging but this would be a background score track and is fits this��purpose.

Azmat goes back-to-back with a completely different range of vocal style for the title track Yeh Jism Hai to Kya. This song rules over the trailers and movie previews across all screens and has a very catchy rhythm to it that is memorable in every way. Mukherjee does a great job on the arrangement of the song to make it a stand out from the others fitting with the theme and its lyrics with Munish Makhija by his side.

Leone and Randeep Hooda in 'Jism 2'
Leone and Randeep Hooda in 'Jism 2'

Pakistani band Rushk make their B-town debut with Darta Hoon��which��brings different league of music never heard in Bollywood before. The��three-member band with a female lead vocalist, Nazia, has a bright future ahead of them after a debut like this. Nazia sounds like Alisha Chinoi at many points in the song but combined with the synthetic and raw ambient instrumentation��in support��gives a totally different vibe. A mix of Punjabi and Hindi lyrics takes some��getting used to��but if one has a taste for something different to the usual commercial hits then Darta Hoon is the one to check out.

Abhi Abhi (Duet) between KK and Shreya Ghoshal is placed well after Darta Hoon to lower the tones of the soundtrack to its theme. Ghoshal�۪s vocals sound very artificial and don�۪t compliment the brilliance of KK too well making the male original a��preferred variation.

New talent from the Maldives named Unoosha makes her surprise debut on the final song called Hey Walla that comes as a pleasant surprise. With an overdose of soft romantic and intensely emotional songs throughout, Hey Walla is almost a chase number that brings out the violent pace of love. It is not a brilliant piece of music but how it fits in with the script and visualization remains to be seen.


Pooja and Mahesh Bhatt are easily the most daring individuals in the Hindi film industry with the talent��of taking complex scripts crossing out-of-bounds human emotions and physical barriers. What they do maintain a good taste in is the musical side of their niche offerings with a healthy combination of Pakistani talent involved. This fact should work very well with UK audiences who savour soft and romantic numbers like Abhi Abhi, Yeh Jism and Yeh Kasoor. The album overall lacks range and variety which is limited by the theme of the film.��However, the theme has been handled very tastefully with melodic recitations and compositions making it the only aspect of the film that can be enjoyed by the whole family together.

Rating ��� 7/10

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